Power cabling systems

We undertake power design and installation in office and industrial facilities, as well as in residential buildings. Based on the nearly 10 years of installation experience of our colleagues, from the beginning to the end, we always provide our customers with a full range of services and - according to their needs - the most suitable solution. In addition to building a new network, we can also renovate and maintain existing electrical systems.

With our Testo 872 SuperResolution 640x480 thermal camera, we can easily and reliably inspect electrical wiring and equipment, which can be especially important for the operation, life and maintenance of devices in new or existing systems.

Our services:

Power supply

Sockets and switches


Electrical cabinets

Lightning protection

Contact protection

Power columns

Thermal camera measurement



Lighting systems

Thanks to our complete lighting profile, there is no customer demand that we would not be able to meet. Whether it is the lighting of apartments, offices, server rooms, or the design, installation and modernization of light sources in industrial and underground halls. We can assure our customers that - due to the professional background of our employees, we provide them with the most ideal, state-of-the-art and most cost-effective solution, of course with quality materials and workmanship. With our own Testo 540 light meter instrument, we outline a perfect picture of your existing system and guarantee an impeccable end result.

Our services:

Planning, installation, measurement and advice

Modernization of existing systems

Controls and fittings

Office, business and residential building lighting

Hall and parking garage lighting

Outdoor and emergency lighting, light sources






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