Equipped with the most necessary IT and electrical fire protection examinations, our employees responsibly help to protect all networks, equipment and data centers against fire. In many cases, like wall-breakthroughs, it may be necessary to install fire protection sealent professionally, to install and periodically maintain alarm and extinguishing equipment in rooms, or even to provide and inspect fire-resistant doors and windows and fire-resistant coverings. Our company undertakes all this and is designed and executed by its trained professionals in order to make project execution even smoother. In each case, we work with the most modern materials and tools, which is essential for quality work.

Our services:

Installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of:

integrated fire alarm systems

integrated fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems

fire-retardant and smoke-proof doors and door structures

fire-resistant coverings

fire protection seals

Regular checks of the electrical equipments




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