At the design, we break up, analyze, and recompose your business needs with the building blocks of data center infrastructure so that you get exactly what you need, in a workable, standard-compliant format. We see the project in full detail and build the overall picture as a goal. Our work is based on simple but elegant solutions and well-designed systems. In addition, we guarantee that we will thoroughly summarize the details of our offer to you, so that you understand each and every point of it and make sure of the value of our work.

Our services:

Complete design and construction of server rooms

Cold Aisle Containment systems

Power supply, design and installation of UPS systems

Procurement and configuration of switches and servers

Design and installation of storage systems




Rack cabinets and accessories

One of the pillars and first design points of data centers is the structure of the rack cabinets placed in it. Defines data center scalability, modularity, redundancy, maintenance, and cooling efficiency. Our systems are designed to be tailored to any need, so that our customers have a solution that fully serves their goals years after delivery.

Our services:

Design and installation of rack cabinets

Redundant power distribution networks

Cable trays

Special installations and associated cable routings






Our comprehensive network quality control and documentation service allows our customers to always have an up-to-date and realistic view of the continuously operating network. This can or will make it much easier to troubleshoot current or emerging physical problems. In addition, thanks to our certified fleet of machines, we are able to perform comprehensive and compliant inspection procedures for all critical points in the data center and server room environment.

Our services:

Survey, design and professional advice

Copper and optical network measurement (Fluke and OTDR)

Illumination measurement

Temperature measurement

Thermal camera examination

Humidity measurement

Preparation of documentation and protocols



Engineering design and advice

In addition to power and data cabling installation, of course we also undertake design, assistance and coordination. In recent years, it has become common for contractors to often involve design teams to perform work accurately and professionally, or to entrust experienced and far-sighted project managers for more efficient execution.

Our services:

Design to IT and electrical system implementations 

Design of rack cabinet structure

Expert advice service

Project management

Make reports



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